by Radflux

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album art by tyler hinnefeld


released June 28, 2013

songs written and recorded by aaron denny


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Radflux Virginia Beach, Virginia

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Track Name: Moonchild
elevated higher than the secrets you demand
or should i write a novel just to make you understand?
(hold my hand)
do i walk through walls? do i plant the seeds real good inside?
and should i even be nervous that i love my state of mind?
i can feel the knife in me as it slices through my lung
is this abuse i'm feeling now or the love of my only son?

now you sleep underground curled up like a fetus
take comfort in knowing that the world is opaque
when you find your mistake let heaven know slowly
the rules are bent and shaped around people like you

let me stitch your birthing scars let me rest your aching limbs
until my brain is a drone of the thieves you're trusting in
(static sin)
sing his lullabies my dear but my thoughts are so obscene
and should i read your palms or drench myself in gasoline?
(set me free)
never speaking not even opening his eyes
lived for nothing died for all the people i despise

there are fingers wrapped up in your mouth and in your heartbeat
your lungs pulse so coarsely and your breath is screeching
in your chamomile smile, there's the land of milk and honey
if you only could stay awake to see the sun rise

dry your eyes son, you are free now, you are free here and now
don't waste the moonchild, you don't deserve this, you don't deserve hell
Track Name: Shadrach, Meshach, etc.
what are you doing diadem?
every step you take, it brings me down
how are you feeling diadem?
and when you close your eyes, the perfect purity
how do you see me diadem?
and would you sell it to me, you're not a liar
where did you come from diadem?
you've been gone so long, i almost forgot that you were here

and do i want perfection?
no, the sweet scent of attention will do just fine
and with these thick wrists of leather
i know better than to believe that this is happening
so pull me out, pull me out of this furnace!
i'm not burning, i'm not burning at all

and i know that it's not easy
to watch your body burn
but lately you've been numb
and i'm afraid you won't return

but we've been saved from fire, we've already gone home
so open your eyes, you're not dead, you're not sleeping
stop trying to command the moon god
in some paradoxical sleep
if you've seen all the places we have been
then why did you save us diadem?